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9th December 2014

Quotes about the 2014 Index

  • Frances Maude, Minister for the Cabinet Office (United Kingdom) says: "We’re delighted to see the UK retain its number one position in the Open Data Index. We believe this recognizes the UK continues to have a leading position in this globally important area and recognizes our efforts ongoing efforts to be the most transparent and open government in the world."

  • Axelle Lemaire, Secretary of State for Digital Affairs (Secrétaire d’Etat au numérique) (France) says: "I am thrilled that France has registered the biggest boost in the new index, zooming up from 12th to 3rd." "One big step forward came from over a year of debate with the Postal service, civil society organisations like Open Street Map, the official institute de géographique national and our open data team – it lead to the release of a comprehensive address list." "Our belief is that open data is good but engaging in uses of open data is even better, and the new platform set up at data.gouv.frdoes just that: anyone can contribute, reuse and build upon public data: truly people powered public services!"


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After the publication of the Index for 2014 an error slipped into the reviewing process. An anonymous submission to the transport data was accepted by a reviewer changing the outcome from ‘no’ to ‘yes’ on the availability of open transport data. This was incorrect because the submission points to a commercial provider of transport data. It should be noted that transport data for Switzerland is in fact not open. This will be revised in submissions for 2015.


After the publication for the Index for 2014 it was noticed that an error slipped into the reviewing process. Where it was marked ‘is data available in bulk’ for the national map, it was marked no, when it should have been marked yes. This will be corrected in submissions for 2015.


In the National Maps section for Poland the link leads to to an OSM-link, which is incorrect. This is not data that is published by the government. This will be corrected in submissions for 2015.


In the legislation entry for Austria the dataset is erroneously marked as not timely, when in fact it is kept fully up to date. This will be corrected in submissions for 2015.