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Administrative Boundaries 80% open


What data is expected?

Data on administrative units or areas defined for the purpose of administration by a (local) government. See our methodology section for more information.

  • Boundary level 1
  • Boundary level 2
  • Coordinates (latitude, longitude)
  • Name of poligone (department, region, city)
  • Borders of poligone

How open is the data?

From Enrique_Zapata in Forum: After these analyses, we would like to kindly request the GODI to take into account the following clarifications: Administrative Boundaries Inclusion of two new datasets: State and Municipality boundaries: State and Municipality polygons: Question B3, include all characteristics as present Question B6, there are regular updates made by INEGI more than once a year.

Special thanks to Enrique_Zapata for providing info in Forum. All the characteristics are available in the GeoInformation Portal Select "Political division" where there is Boundary Level 1 + 2 available for download. The meta tab has the link to download the shapefiles. The license of the data is Creative Commons Non-Commercial so it is not openly licensed. Enrique Zapata referred to INEGI and stated the required data is available and openly licensed. However. The data on INEGI do not contain borders of polygons. Because allows to download shapefiles with polygon borders, this datasource is our reference of assessment (matching the necessary characteristics). The terms of use stated by INEGI therefore also do not apply - the data of Conabio is usable only for non-commercial purposes (and therefore not open). Thank you very much for contributing to the Global Open Data Index.

Data location - GIS system
Data licence   Unknown
Data format   DBF, SHP, SHX
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  • Danny Lämmerhirt


  • Danny Lämmerhirt
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