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National Laws 85% open

Great Britain

What data is expected?

This data category requires all national laws and statutes to be available online, although it is not a requirement that information on legislative behaviour e.g. voting records is available.

  • Content of the law / status
  • Date of last amendment
  • Amendments to the law (if applicable)

How open is the data?

Changes to legislation are flagged and noted but not always integrated into the body of the legislation, apparently due to a longstanding backlog. The data is re-usable under the Open Government Licence as noted in the standard footer on pages of the site. The data is mainly plain text, i.e. not highly structured.

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Data location - - Legislation downloads
Data licence
Data format   HTML, TXT, XML
Reviewer   Anton Shaffer
Submitters   Owen Boswarva
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  • Owen Boswarva
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