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Company Register 0% open


What data is expected?

List of registered (limited liability) companies. The submissions in this data category do not need to include detailed financial data such as balance sheet, etc. Open data from company registers may be used for many ends: e.g. enabling customers and businesses to see with whom they deal, or to see where a company has registered offices. This definition draws on the work of OpenCorporates.

  • Name of company
  • Company address
  • Unique identifier of the company
  • Register available for entire country

How open is the data?

Your submission is valid. Thank you very much for contributing to the Global Open Data Index. It seems that all four required characteristics are available online when registered with the business register and for a fee. The business register of the Italian Chambers of Commerce website ( offers an online service to access information in .HTML format about the companies in the Italian Business Register. The service is available for companies and the general public, exclusively for demonstration and promotional purposes. The information is freely available and includes a company profile, limited to some basic company data. More specifically, the free company data produced by a name search consist in the following: Company name, Headquarters/ Registered Office address, Economic Activity (business purpose), Address and activity of the branch offices, Telephone and fax numbers, and E-mail address (when available) but not Unique Identifiers. This service cannot be used to search for cancelled, liquidated or insolvent companies. One can then chose to buy the standard company profile for 3,50 €: It appears that full company information including Unique Identifiers is available only when bought and if you register, since then you can make searches more structured and accurate, concerning also to branches and to closed companies, and consult not only the Italian Business Register, but also the Register of Protests and the archive of the Trademarks and Patents. Moreover, you'll have a larger choice of documents, also customized, i.e. containing only the information you need to. Registration is free of change however it requires an identification document such as an ID card, Passport, Driving License, Individual Tax ID number, or Health Insurance Card. Once registered, you can search for companies throughout the country, by name and province, by tax code and province, by REA number and province; or else you can also search for Individuals (only in the Italian Business Register) by name or by tax code. How often this data is updated and whether they can be downloaded in bulk is not specified. The use of data obtained through the service at must follow the current regulations about the handling of personal information (Legislative Decree 196/2003, as amended). To this end it should be noted that explicit consent from the recipient is required to use this information for advertising or direct sales, for market research or for commercial communications. It is also forbidden to redistribute and/or sell the data, to try to access the data for unauthorized purposes and, in particular, to perform massive batch extractions to speed up the activity or to create autonomous data banks. I could not find any company data on the Open Data portal: A list of Companies is also available on the Commissione Nazionale per le Societa e la Borsa website, however this only includes Company name, Ownership, Share capital, Board members, New major shareholdings, and History, and not the Unique Identifier or Company Address.

Data location - Registro Imprese
Data licence   Unknown
Data format   HTML
Reviewer   Evangelia Kampouri
Submitters   Maurizio Napolitano
Last modified   Thu Dec 08 2016 20:22:19 GMT+0000 (UTC)



  • Evangelia Kampouri


  • Maurizio Napolitano
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