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Weather Forecast 65% open


What data is expected?

3-day forecasts of temperature, precipitation and wind. Forecasts have to be provided for several regions in the country. Short-term weather forecasts are relevant for the general public to plan activities, while also being reliable. See our methodology section for more information.

  • Temperature extremes
  • Temperature average
  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Precipitation Amount
  • Precipitation Probability
  • Forecast for current day and four following days

How open is the data?

A data portal provides access to real time data per request, only for research purposes. It is available at:

The submission was amended. All required forecast data is published online in search mask that allows to access forecasts separately by city. Forecast data cannot be downloaded. Downloads are only available for an archive of historical data, available at: The data is openly licensed. It can be used for free and for any purpose. There are some extended attribution clauses, which are available here: The data would have to be scraped in order to be extracted from the page. Additionally there is a data service to request data.

Data location - Ministero della difesa, Meteo Aeronautico, Search interface, allows to get 3-day forecasts for different cities. Contains all required data - Ministero della difesa, Meteo Aeronautico, Archive of observations
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