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Weather Forecast 45% open


What data is expected?

3-day forecasts of temperature, precipitation and wind. Forecasts have to be provided for several regions in the country. Short-term weather forecasts are relevant for the general public to plan activities, while also being reliable. See our methodology section for more information.

  • Temperature extremes
  • Temperature average
  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Precipitation Amount
  • Precipitation Probability
  • Forecast for current day and four following days

How open is the data?

In Jamaica, the Meteorological Service of Jamaica, which is a scientific division of the Ministry of Land and Environment, handles the business of meteorology. Data is published but not in the requisite format. The interface is old-fashioned and lead to broken links. The graph for temperature and precipitation was obscure or probably broken Data is not downloadable, the site loads the current day and next day information. The 3 day forecast is a brief text The data is up to date however there i no representation for pass weather information which would allow the review and tracking of trends

The submission is correct. One addition: the data is not openly licensed. There is a copyright note at the footer of the page, but no other statement of public domain status.

Data location - The Meteorological Service of Jamaica - The Meteorological Service of Jamaica, precipitation forecast - The Meteorological Service of Jamaica, iconic representation of weather forecasts
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