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Procurement 45% open


What data is expected?

All tenders and awards of the national/federal government aggregated by office. It does not look into procurement planning or other procurement phases. Open procurement data may enable fairer competition among companies, allow to detect fraud, as well as deliver better services for governments and citizens. Monitoring tenders helps new groups to participate in tenders and to increase government compliance. The Index draws on work from the Open Contracting Partnership. See our methodology for more information.

  • Tenders per government office
  • Awards per government office
  • Tender name
  • Tender description
  • Tender status
  • Award title
  • Award description
  • Value of the award
  • Supplier's name

How open is the data?

Each Ministry publishes their tender on their own webpage. In those webpages, all the required information are included. 衆議院 /House of Representatives 参議院 /House of Councillors 最高裁判所 /Supreme Court 会計検査院 /Board of Audit of Japan 内閣 /Cabinet 人事院 /National Personnel Authority 内閣府 /Cabinet Office 宮内庁 /Imperial Household Agency 国家公安委員会(警察庁) /National Public Safety Commission 防衛省 /Ministry of Defence 総務省 /Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications 法務省 /Ministry of Justice 外務省 /Ministry of Foreign Affairs 財務省 /Ministry of Finance 文部科学省 /Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology 厚生労働省 /Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare 農林水産省 /Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries 経済産業省 /Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry 国土交通省 /Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism 国税庁 /National Tax Agency

The first resource listed shows the tender data in PDF with minimum information for each of the ministries. The second database has only basic information in HTML. Going into the resources for each of the ministries the complete info can be found but only seen in HTML form.

Data location - Tender for purchase information is aggregated at following page.
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