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Draft Legislation 60% open


What data is expected?

Data about the bills discussed within national parliament as well as votings on bills (not to mix with passed national law). Data on bills must be available for the current legislation period. Open data on the law-making process is crucial for parliamentary transparency: What does a bill text say and how does it change over time? Who introduces a bill? Who votes for and against it? Where is a bill discussed next, so the public can participate in debates? This data category draws on work by the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and the Declaration of Parliamentary Openness.

  • Content of bill
  • Author of bill
  • Votes on bill per member of parliament
  • Transcripts of debates on bill
  • Status of bill

How open is the data?

[Original submitter comment] Most drafts are available . The problem lies in the quality of the documents, which for some reason are sometimes printed, then scanned into PDFs and uploaded, rendering them unsearchable (document quality is also sometimes an issue). [Reviewer comment] I was a bit flexible in choosing to mark status of bill as present. There was no explicit statement as to the status of the bill. However, the legislative history of the bill is documented in the PDF document for each bill. The document contains all the versions of the bill. Each version of the bill is preceded by a letter by the Speaker of the House/President of Panama/Author of Bill which summarize the legislative history of the bill up to a certain point. For those bill that have become laws, the PDF document concludes with the full text of the resulting law and the date it came into force. On the other hand, like the original submitter, I could not find the two optional characteristics (transcripts and votes). B5 was also answered YES with some flexibility. There is no option to download in bulk all the bills. However, for any given bill one can download all the data at once (so I made no changes to B5).

I am accepting the submission because all the required characteristics are available in the dataset.

Data location - National Assembly website node
Data licence   Unknown
Data format   Unknown
Reviewer   Juela Xhaferraj
Submitters   Victor Díaz Navarro
Last modified   Thu Dec 15 2016 05:33:09 GMT+0000 (UTC)



  • Juela Xhaferraj


  • Victor Díaz Navarro
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